Friday, April 30, 2010

First day in the USA

Here is Ermane and his host cousin Keller
getting ready to go outside and play soccer
we are so thankful that they arrived safely
and things are going well :)

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Plane in the air!

Keep the prayers going- the plane is in the air and on
the way to Haiti. There are strong head winds so please
keep the pilot and passengers in your thoughts and prayers.

More soon! :)

Please pray!

We have Ermane and his Mom traveling from Haiti today. There have been weeks of logistics being planned by many people and this morning we found out that there is a four hour flight delay. Please pray that they are able to repair the plane and still travel today. And if not- please pray that things can be changed for them to leave Haiti as soon as possible.

Thank you!

***Also a reminder- please do not copy and paste pictures of children off our blog and post them other places. Thank you!!***

Wednesday, April 14, 2010


We now have a doctor and a hospital! Thank you everyone for coming forward with ideas and working so hard and fast to find Brown the care that he needs.

We do have a doctor for him and we are anxiously waiting to hear if the hospital will accept him for charity care. Please keep this in your prayers.

Ermane and his Mom have approval from the USA to travel and we are just waiting on approval from Haiti and then have to get the logistics worked out for his travel. This MUST be done by the end of this month and we are hopeful that things will come together really soon.

The group that we work with in Liberia is over there right now getting updates and new pictures of all the children so we should have lots of news soon.

I had read that the Neurosurgery teams that were going to Haiti before the earthquake are no longer able to go. We are expecting an influx of referrals from Haiti in the months to come. We are working hard to get our host parents pre-approved.

A need:
One of our partner organizations that does incredible work for the people of Haiti is raising money to get their containers of medical and vital life care supplies over to Haiti while they can do so without paying the typical hefty customs fees. (The fees are being lifted just for a short period of time and this saves them thousands of dollars.) But to ship the containers from the US-to Haiti still costs a great deal of money. Please consider donating to this need at Real Hope for Haiti.

Other waiting children:
If there is anyone out there that is feeling like they know a doctor or hospital who might help some of our other waiting children we would love to hear from you:
We have had several children on the right sidebar for months waiting to get matched for charity care. We have also done extensive searches all over the country and have had a hard time finding places to help them.