Friday, February 26, 2010

Help needed

We need your help.

We have two children that need to come to the USA from Haiti in the next week if we can get the approvals in place. Both of the children are in urgent need of medical care, the medical care is not available in Haiti even with all the doctors and specialists there right now.

One of the children is a nine year old boy. He was crushed in the earthquake. His face was partially crushed. We have a wonderful hospital and doctors in Cleveland who have come forward to donate their time and resources to give this boy reconstructive surgery. We are also hopeful that we will have a flight for him and his Mom to the USA from Haiti. But we do not have the funds raised to bring them from Florida to Ohio. We will need to purchase two tickets for them- and of course round trip is needed because they will return to Haiti once the boys treatments and surgeries are finished.

The other child is a three year old boy. He will be coming to the USA by himself with an escort. We have arranged for free care for him in West Virginia and we are hoping to have approval for him to leave ASAP. He has been very ill with an unknown illness. Tests need to be run and doctors in the USA are already consulting on how they might be able to help him. The neurological prognosis for him is not good if we can't get him here fast. There are just many unknowns that need answered. We will need a plane ticket for him and we need to raise the funds for this. We will also rely on wonderful missionary flights to bring the child to Florida from Haiti- but we need a ticket from Florida to W. VA.

So funds for three domestic plane tickets is what we are hoping for. I am so grateful to everyone for all your help and support. Every little bit helps! Just use the pay pal button on the side of the blog to make a secure donation. Thanks again.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010


The 3 year old we were seeking medical care for is going to be coming to West Virginia! We are still in need of host family or parent to care for him. We have a family who is able to provide excellent care and therapy for him after he is out of the hospital, but they are unable to stay with him while he is there. If you are able to stay with him during his hospital care, we would love to hear from you as soon as possible. We don't know how long he will be in the hospital. If you can help, please fill out a host family application found on this site, or email Kim at Thank you!

We are also in need of a host family in CLEVELAND. This host family would be helping care for a nine year old boy and his mother while they are in town. The boy is going to be getting facial reconstructive surgery as he was injured in the earthquake. Please consider what you might be able to do to help them- or pass this along to anyone you know in Cleveland. contact Sarah: for more information. Thank you!

Monday, February 22, 2010

Thank you!

Thank you so much for helping to fill the need at this orphanage! They were able to purchase nets for each bed, a big bag or rice, beans and 20 gallons of cooking oil. Also $50 worth of fruit and vegetables- which was a TON!

This is just in from Salem:

I let them know we have bed nets, rice and beans for the children. We opened the back of the truck and everyone (including the director!) started SCREAMING, jumping up and down, hugging, whooping, dancing. It was such pure, genuine joy and gratefulness. K. and I were both in tears at their excitement. It was like Christmas morning times 10! You have never seen children so grateful, so thrilled just to get a mosquito net for the bed. We watched as children with enormous smiles on their faces were handed a net and raced to their dorm to start putting it up. We tried to help get the nets up but we weren’t very good at it (as I was told!) so we let them do that. They know how it is supposed to be done. :)

Then K presented the second part of the surprise. She told the director that we were going to take him to the market and buy 100,000 shillings worth of fresh fruits and vegetables for the children. He played it really cool at the market as we filled up the back of the SUV with bags of potatoes, greens, onions, peppers, carrots, cucumbers, watermelon, pineapple, passion fruits, etc. I mean FILLED the back of the SUV. It was so fun. We got back to the orphanage and as soon as the Director got out he grandly opened the back of the SUV to present all the food to the children and everyone started screaming, jumping up and down, dancing, etc again. It was like Christmas morning again! He showed his true excitement when he was with the children – he was dancing and screaming too. :)

The kids helped carry all the food into the house and put it in the kitchen. They kept wanting to pose with their various fruits and vegetables. Everyone stood in the kitchen just laughing, hugging and staring at the food for a bit. It was surreal.Moments like this make us feel so humbled. Each time I experience something like that I realize again just how spoiled I am. How spoiled we all are. How much we take for granted.

We took pictures of the children and got all of their names, ages and information. We are hoping to find sponsors for these kids. They aren’t able to go to school and they really want to. We’re still working out the details but it looks like school will cost less than $200 per child for the entire year.As we were hugging the children goodbye I couldn’t help but get emotional. I will never forget these kids. They have touched my heart is such a special way. Thank you SO SO MUCH for all you have donated and given to help them just a little bit. This food is a short term help for them, but their joy was worth every penny we spent. If we get more money in for them we’ll continue to get things for them as long as we are here. There are SO many needs at their home.

Friday, February 19, 2010

MAT Mini Project

Salem- the co-director of The Medical Advocacy Team is in Uganda right now. She has been there for several weeks and has been visiting different orphanages. There is a little girl (not in any of these pictures) who is 7 years old that needs an adoptive family. Salem was specifically asked to put the word out about this little girl as she is with a family right now who is unable to keep her. Salem is also hearing of many other young children and babies with special needs that need families. If there is a way that we can get the word out for these orphanages and children we will help to do so. If you are interested in more information- just let us know and we will add you on a list to receive information once Salem has it all compiled and is back in the USA.

Salem and a friend visited this orphanage the other day. It is a really poor orphanage that has very little. It is being run by ONE person who is in charge of doing everything for all of these children with little resources. Salem said that there were many children very sick there and that they just don't have the basic things that they need and it was heartbreaking. They had brought a soccer ball for the older children to play with and their little faces just lit up with joy to have one ball to share.

Because of the urgent need at the orphanage Salem would like to be able to do something to help them while she is still there. The most urgent need was the medical needs because of the great risk of malaria in this area. Salem would like to be able to purchase mosquito nets and sheets for this orphanage. Nets will save the lives of the children who are able to sleep under them. The "girls room" is shown below and they have three girls per bed- as you can see there are many children left without a protective net at night.

MAT would like to raise $200 for this need to be filled ASAP. We value your support and generosity in the past and we know we can count on you. Every $1 helps and there is paypal on the right side of this blog that you can use a credit card or other form of payment to send a secure donation. Below is the kitchen that feeds all the children at this orphanage. If there are extra funds raised Salem would like to provide them with some more items that they need.

Salem has traveled all over world and has done humanitarian work. She really is a reliable source of knowing the typical orphanage conditions and to hear her concern is really overwhelming as she is someone who "knows what to expect" and she isn't shocked easily. After visiting here- she was shocked and knew that there would be people out there who would want to step up and help out this orphanage. There are 40 children from infant to teen who live here and then another 40 come here to eat each day. Thanks for considering what you might be able to do to help them out.
Salem will update us once she is able to purchase and distribute supplies there. Many Blessings!

Thursday, February 18, 2010

WV update

Thank you to the families in or near WV who have sent in applications to host. Unfortunately plans have been put on hold while some important details get worked out. We'll keep you updated if things can move forward.


Monday, February 15, 2010

Host family needed!!

We are in need of a host family in or near WEST VIRGINIA.
You will need to commit and complete paperwork right away so we can have you approved. The child who is coming will need you to be at the hospital staying with them while they are in patient and then to bring them home for care afterward. The child is a three year old and is NOT available for adoption as he has a family and will return to his family when he is healthy enough to do so. Please email ASAP with your interest to:

Thanks so much everyone!

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

The latest....

We do expect in the weeks to come that we will start seeing more need for host families, hospitals and doctors for many injured children in Haiti. I wanted to bring light of a very troubling situation that is now happening in Haiti to many children who need to leave for medical care:

MAT has been so blessed by the response of everyones willingness to help! If you are looking for an application to host parent- please see below. If you still haven't turned in your "short" application- please do so soon.