Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Host Family Application

Thank you all for your interest in helping the Medical Advocacy Team, and in hosting medically fragile children! If you are interested and have not yet contacted our team to obtain a host family application, please contact Sarah at for an application to be emailed to you.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Can you help?

Hi Everyone,
Children of the Promise near Cap Haitien Haiti is in need of both long and short term nurses. Yesterday they were supposed to receive up to 20 children via helicopter from Port au Prince. We think their internet might be out because Robin never heard if they got there or not. They are not sure of what type of injuries the children will have, but there will definitely be wound care. COTP is in the northern part of Haiti and is fairly removed from the chaos going on in Port au Prince. The majority of the work will be working with injured children although I'm sure if there are adults with injuries that traveled north to their community we would be asked to help them as well. Please email me at: if you are interested. I am trying to find out flight information as we speak. I am planning to leave as soon as I can, but they will need nurses for weeks to come, so if you can't leave right away they will still need you. It is possible to fly directly into Cap Haitien.
Sarah Williams

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Update 01/20/10

Our plans to send a medical team this weekend are on hold. The facility we were going to use ended up letting another team already on the ground in Haiti use their facilities. We are trying to get our doctors and nurses on to already established medical teams going to Haiti.

Sarah's husband is currently in Florida trying to get to Haiti and pick up their son Isaac. My (Salem) parents are waiting to hear if their new daughter received her visa today. The situation in Haiti is getting worse every day. These kids need to get out of there as soon as possible. Please continue to pray for the children of Haiti.

We are currently looking at options for getting our medically fragile children out of Haiti. Many of these children had little chance of surviving in Haiti before the earthquake; now their chances are even slimmer. Not only are these children in need of medical care, the orphanages desperately need the resources and space in their orphanages for the thousands of newly orphaned children.

Please remember: if you are interested in applying to become a temporary host family to a child on a medical visa, please contact Kim at

We will keep everyone updated as things progress.

Sunday, January 17, 2010


We need surgeons that can do amputations!

Please ask your family and friends. Call your local hospitals. We need some surgeons who can go to Haiti ASAP.

Email Salem at

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Attention Medical Teams

We have recently come into contact with an organization interested in helping us get some medical teams to Haiti. World Harvest Missions has a facility in Haiti. They are interested in putting together some medical mission trips.
They already do medical mission trips to Haiti throughout the year and have the facilities to accommodate teams. They can provide transportation, generators, clean water, security, etc. They have a plane leaving Florida sometime this week with medical personnel and medical supplies. They may have a couple of seats open for qualified medical personnel who would like to join the team. If you are interested in this please contact me. This is going to be a very difficult trip and things will be VERY primitive.
We are also planning to put together some teams in the coming months to rotate down. If you would like to join a team - we want to hear from you.
You must have your passport and immunizations, can pay your way to Haiti and understand how difficult these trips are going to be.
Please email ( with the following information:
1. Your Full Name
2. Specialty/Background
3. Dates You're Available
We will be in touch as we start getting all of the details together. Thanks so much everyone.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Where to donate money:

If you want to help Haiti please consider donating to one of these organizations who can help the victims of the devastating earthquake:

1.Real Hope for Haiti (donate paypal button is on the right side of the blog)

2. Heartline Ministries

3. Love-A-Child

4. Partners in Health

5. Children of the Promise Orphanage

Or you could donate to us at The Medical Advocacy Team (paypal donate button on the right). All funds will be used 100% for families and children that we work with who have children with special healthcare needs who have been affected by the earthquake. (We are waiting to hear from most of them- keep praying!)

(this list will be updated as we hear from more partners)

We are trying to put together a medical team to go to Haiti soon. If you have a medical background and are interested in this please email Sarah at or Salem at ASAP!!

Heartbroken for Haiti

Please join us in prayer for Haiti.
Specifically pray for the MAT children who have returned home. Pray for them and their families safety and well being. Pray for the MAT children who are still waiting to come. Please pray for the families of the children who are here in the USA. We likely won't hear from the families for days if not weeks.
Please pray for the missionaries and organizations that we work with. That they are safe. That they stay healthy and safe and find all the supplies that they need. That they are free from fear and have the knowledge to make fast decisions that could help save lives.
Thank you.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010


Please meet Varney. Varney and his Mom are from Liberia. Varney has been suffering from hydrocephalus for a long time. His entire life we presume.

The size of his head has gotten so large that there are pressure sores on it. I can't even imagine the amount of pain that would feel like and how grouchy I would be with that much pressure on my brain. Sometimes my children are heavy when I carry them and I complain. "Whoa you sure are heavy!" But I can't even imagine how difficult it must be for Varney's Mom to carry him. Yet she carries him... and carries on with her life- never stopping and never giving up.

Varney and his Mom went many places in Liberia looking for help. They finally found a doctor to see them. This doctor has done some VP shunts in the past but after examining Varney- he felt that he was too far gone for surgery. This doctor also informed Varneys Mom that he doesn't even have the VP shunts were he willing to operate on Varney. He also admitted that sometimes the patients die- because he isn't really a neurosurgeon. He told Varneys Mom to bring him home- for soon- he would die.
Six months has passed since that time and Varneys Mom has cared for him with loving hands and a faithful heart. Varney continues to live and bless so many people with his presence. Soon with prayer and some fundraising we will be able to bring Varney and hopefully his Mom to the USA for lifesaving surgery. Supplies will be brought over for Varney and his Mom while they wait for all the paperwork to go through so that he will be able to be more comfortable and so that the sores on his head can be kept clean. If he gets an infection he could die very fast.

I know that these pictures are difficult to look at. They were hard for me at first to look at too. I can feel the pain in his eyes and the sorrow in his mothers eyes just from the pictures. Varney's head size is massive. Bigger than the worse case I have ever seen. And its imperative that we pray for him and his Mom.

Monday, January 4, 2010

New Children

As you can see from the side bar we have many new referrals for children this week. Please keep them and their families in your prayers while they wait for life saving medical care. We have also been blessed with some new volunteers over the past few weeks and we plan to update the contact information for our volunteers on this blog soon.

We will be taking the time to write more about the new children who have come into our program. We feel that in order for people to understand the trials and tribulations each one of them has gone through their stories are important to tell.

We are looking for someone or a group of people that could help with fundraising. Perhaps this is a gift you have and you want to donate some of your time to this effort. We will need to be able to help some of the referring organizations with the costs of paperwork processing in country. Some of the organizations just aren't financially in a position where they are able to cover the added expenses of $400-$1000 for testing, labs, document recovery, passport, and visa processing. And of course our largest expense is helping with travel costs for the children to come to the US or for the children to travel to another location within their country or continent for medical care.

Our host family coordinator is busy updating our host family list so that we are ready when medical care has been arranged for the new children. If your interested in hosting a child- please contact Kim at:

Thanks for reading our blog, praying for "our children and families" and caring about your global neighbors.

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Emmanuella in the news!

Some information has been changed for privacy purposes...

Emmanuella Michel, 5, is so lively that it’s hard to picture how thin and fragile she was only two months ago. She is pictured with her aunt Checelie Michel and host brother Caleb D. Emmanuella came to the United States from Haiti for heart surgery in October and has been staying with Caleb and his parents Rick and Darla D. of Washington state. Because of this family, 5-year-old Emmanuella Michel of Haiti received a priceless holiday gift — a life-saving open heart surgery.
“It’s a Christmas miracle,” said her host mother Darla . “She’s just like a normal child now.”
During an interview just before Christmas, it was hard to imagine that the robust child bouncing around the newspaper office was gravely ill just a few weeks ago — until she lifted her shirt to show off a 6-inch scar down the middle of her chest.
Emmanuella now has a chance at a normal life because Rick, Darla and Caleb D. made it their mission to help Haitian children. The idea started when Caleb met a schoolmate who was born in Haiti.
“I met Joshua P. He was friends with Caleb at Whitney,” Darla D said. “I knew in my heart this was something I wanted to do.”
Not in a position to adopt, the D family, who attend The Bright Christian Fellowship, found another way to serve.
“Our family wanted to help children with medical needs,” D said.
Through the organizations Partners in Health in Haiti and The Medical Advocacy Team, a program of Remember International, INC. in the United States, they learned about the gravely ill Emmanuella. At 5, she was unable to walk and suffered terrible chest pain.
“They would just pray over her because she could not move. God sure answered those prayers, huh?” Darla said, getting a nod of agreement from Emmanuella’s aunt, Checelie Michel.
Emmanuella’s family saved up enough money to get her to a Partners in Health doctor, whose diagnosis was Tetralogy of Fallot. This is a combination of heart abnormalities, two of which are particularly dangerous: a hole between the ventricles and an obstruction of blood flow from the right ventricle to the lungs, according to the American Heart Association. Because blood can’t get to the lungs easily, it doesn’t pick up enough oxygen.
For Emmanuella, it meant she had no energy to grow and thrive — or even to walk. The D’s agreed to host her and Checelie while she underwent open-heart surgery. Medical and travel costs were covered by volunteer doctors, Partners in Health and The Medical Advocacy Team.
After she arrived at the end of October, the first order of business was to get Emmanuella seven immunizations that were required before surgery. The D's did this with the help of Rod Dalseg, Island Hospital’s director of diagnostic imaging. Darla said she was working at Calico Cupboard when a group from Island Hospital came in for a meeting. She asked if they knew of anybody who could give immunizations as charity, and Dalseg said he’d find out.
“He called me later and said ‘I have it handled.’ So that was a miracle,” Darla said.
Dr. Jeanne Olmsted at Fidalgo Medical Associates did the job. Emmanuella had heart surgery at Emmanuel Children’s Hospital in Portland two weeks later.
“She’s been a little trooper, and so has my husband Rick,” she said.
Many have chipped in to help Emmanuella and Checelie. People from The Bridge Christian Fellowship brought them clothes, and many have come into Calico Cupboard and offered money, clothes and food, she said. The owner of Papa Murphy’s gave them free pizzas.
“Pizza is their favorite food here,” Darla added.
Checelie is making headbands and selling them for $10 each to raise money to take back to Haiti. She said the money will help her and her fiancé build a house. Darla said anyone who wants to buy one can email for more information.
The D's family has appreciated being of service, and the experience has made them more appreciative of life in our country.
“You just think, you’re so grateful for what we have,” Darla said.