Monday, March 1, 2010


We have had $25 in donations and ONE airplane ticket in just the past day. What an awesome blessing. The airplane ticket was donated by someone who is going to use her air miles to purchase the ticket for one of the children. I should have mentioned that this would be a great and welcome blessing instead of money.

I also realized that this entire blog has been asking for a lot of money and volunteers lately. I always feel badly about asking for money but I know that when there's a need its the only way that we have to go about getting donations- every single donation we accept goes 100% for the cost of airfare or other need. We have NO overhead costs at all. Since we don't have overhead costs- that means we don't advertise other than on this blog and when people link our blog to theirs. We don't have any corporate sponsors but have had donations of medical supplies from corporate sponsors in the past.

So here are some pictures of the little boy going to Ohio. Please consider helping towards the cost of his plane ticket- and we need to raise funds for one for his mother as well. Or air miles would be great! Although this little guy looks miserable we have great hope for him and we can't wait to see his "after" pictures. Thanks everyone.


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