Tuesday, March 9, 2010


Thank you everyone who donated money and air miles for the waiting children in Haiti. We have enough donations to cover both Erman and his Mom to travel to the USA. Yeah!! We are much closer to having all of the documents gathered that they will need for approval to travel to Cleveland for Ermans facial reconstructive surgery.

We have also had $50 in donations for travel costs that will go towards Erman and his Mom's associated travel costs. Thank you!

We are so thankful that things have come together so fast.
What a blessing for this little boy and his Mother.

In other news... the three year old who was coming to West Virginia is not going to be coming any longer. His parents decided that they don't want him to travel to the USA at this time for medical care. His health situation is not good and because there was nothing else they could do for him the clinic he was at sent him home to be with his Mom and family. Please do keep them in your prayers. It was really a devastating feeling knowing how close he was to having the medical care that he needs. Even with all the specialists and doctors over working in Haiti right now- his medical needs were rare and somethings were unknown about what was happening with his health.

We are waiting on news about a potential hospital for Varney who has been waiting for far too long with severe hydrocephalus. We have run into a great number of road blocks in finding a doctor and hospital to treat him so we are hopeful.

We have a team of volunteers solely working on three of the children in Liberia waiting for Cardiothoracic surgeons. Hopefully this leads to good news soon.