Friday, February 26, 2010

Help needed

We need your help.

We have two children that need to come to the USA from Haiti in the next week if we can get the approvals in place. Both of the children are in urgent need of medical care, the medical care is not available in Haiti even with all the doctors and specialists there right now.

One of the children is a nine year old boy. He was crushed in the earthquake. His face was partially crushed. We have a wonderful hospital and doctors in Cleveland who have come forward to donate their time and resources to give this boy reconstructive surgery. We are also hopeful that we will have a flight for him and his Mom to the USA from Haiti. But we do not have the funds raised to bring them from Florida to Ohio. We will need to purchase two tickets for them- and of course round trip is needed because they will return to Haiti once the boys treatments and surgeries are finished.

The other child is a three year old boy. He will be coming to the USA by himself with an escort. We have arranged for free care for him in West Virginia and we are hoping to have approval for him to leave ASAP. He has been very ill with an unknown illness. Tests need to be run and doctors in the USA are already consulting on how they might be able to help him. The neurological prognosis for him is not good if we can't get him here fast. There are just many unknowns that need answered. We will need a plane ticket for him and we need to raise the funds for this. We will also rely on wonderful missionary flights to bring the child to Florida from Haiti- but we need a ticket from Florida to W. VA.

So funds for three domestic plane tickets is what we are hoping for. I am so grateful to everyone for all your help and support. Every little bit helps! Just use the pay pal button on the side of the blog to make a secure donation. Thanks again.