Wednesday, January 6, 2010


Please meet Varney. Varney and his Mom are from Liberia. Varney has been suffering from hydrocephalus for a long time. His entire life we presume.

The size of his head has gotten so large that there are pressure sores on it. I can't even imagine the amount of pain that would feel like and how grouchy I would be with that much pressure on my brain. Sometimes my children are heavy when I carry them and I complain. "Whoa you sure are heavy!" But I can't even imagine how difficult it must be for Varney's Mom to carry him. Yet she carries him... and carries on with her life- never stopping and never giving up.

Varney and his Mom went many places in Liberia looking for help. They finally found a doctor to see them. This doctor has done some VP shunts in the past but after examining Varney- he felt that he was too far gone for surgery. This doctor also informed Varneys Mom that he doesn't even have the VP shunts were he willing to operate on Varney. He also admitted that sometimes the patients die- because he isn't really a neurosurgeon. He told Varneys Mom to bring him home- for soon- he would die.
Six months has passed since that time and Varneys Mom has cared for him with loving hands and a faithful heart. Varney continues to live and bless so many people with his presence. Soon with prayer and some fundraising we will be able to bring Varney and hopefully his Mom to the USA for lifesaving surgery. Supplies will be brought over for Varney and his Mom while they wait for all the paperwork to go through so that he will be able to be more comfortable and so that the sores on his head can be kept clean. If he gets an infection he could die very fast.

I know that these pictures are difficult to look at. They were hard for me at first to look at too. I can feel the pain in his eyes and the sorrow in his mothers eyes just from the pictures. Varney's head size is massive. Bigger than the worse case I have ever seen. And its imperative that we pray for him and his Mom.


whittakerwoman said...

Love this blog and opening our eyes. You say fundraising, how can we help. H

Sarah said...

Having a child with SB and hydrocephelus I can not imagine feeling as helpless as his mom must feel. Dear God please keep Varney in your care. Please keep his sores from becoming infected. Please hold his moms hand and give her the strength she will need to continue to care for him. Give her the strength to not give up hope.

Christine said...

Thank you for sharing about this son and Mother-- so that we know who to pray for. I will pray now.