Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Update 01/20/10

Our plans to send a medical team this weekend are on hold. The facility we were going to use ended up letting another team already on the ground in Haiti use their facilities. We are trying to get our doctors and nurses on to already established medical teams going to Haiti.

Sarah's husband is currently in Florida trying to get to Haiti and pick up their son Isaac. My (Salem) parents are waiting to hear if their new daughter received her visa today. The situation in Haiti is getting worse every day. These kids need to get out of there as soon as possible. Please continue to pray for the children of Haiti.

We are currently looking at options for getting our medically fragile children out of Haiti. Many of these children had little chance of surviving in Haiti before the earthquake; now their chances are even slimmer. Not only are these children in need of medical care, the orphanages desperately need the resources and space in their orphanages for the thousands of newly orphaned children.

Please remember: if you are interested in applying to become a temporary host family to a child on a medical visa, please contact Kim at

We will keep everyone updated as things progress.