Monday, January 4, 2010

New Children

As you can see from the side bar we have many new referrals for children this week. Please keep them and their families in your prayers while they wait for life saving medical care. We have also been blessed with some new volunteers over the past few weeks and we plan to update the contact information for our volunteers on this blog soon.

We will be taking the time to write more about the new children who have come into our program. We feel that in order for people to understand the trials and tribulations each one of them has gone through their stories are important to tell.

We are looking for someone or a group of people that could help with fundraising. Perhaps this is a gift you have and you want to donate some of your time to this effort. We will need to be able to help some of the referring organizations with the costs of paperwork processing in country. Some of the organizations just aren't financially in a position where they are able to cover the added expenses of $400-$1000 for testing, labs, document recovery, passport, and visa processing. And of course our largest expense is helping with travel costs for the children to come to the US or for the children to travel to another location within their country or continent for medical care.

Our host family coordinator is busy updating our host family list so that we are ready when medical care has been arranged for the new children. If your interested in hosting a child- please contact Kim at:

Thanks for reading our blog, praying for "our children and families" and caring about your global neighbors.


Anonymous said...

Are the surgeons and host familys for these children only in Washington, or do you arrange services across the US? I live in Southern IL across the river from St. Louis MO and was just wondering if you needed host families in this area.