Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Clepson's back HOME!

Clepson flew back home this past weekend.
Here he is in Haiti with Carol from Love A Child.
Clepson's flight out of Seattle was canceled and he
wasn't able to get on another flight until the next day.
So it was a LONG three day adventure for him.
He had two hotel overnights on either side of the USA.
One in Seattle and one in Miami.
We think he looks like a rock star and so happy
to be home in Haiti with his "family" at LAC.
What a remarkable young man.
We will miss you Clepson.

We want to thank the Airline Ambassadors
for helping with THREE escorts to get Clepson
back to Haiti. Each of the stops on his journey
were delayed and changed and it was amazing
to see how organized they remained to
coordinate things as they happened with the flights.
What a blessing!