Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Please Help

As I'm sure everyone reading this knows - the Medical Advocacy Team LOVES Real Hope for Haiti. RHFH is an amazing organization working in Haiti. They run a medical clinic, rescue center for malnourished children, school sponsorships, food distribution, clean water, community development, etc. We love the family that runs RHFH and love supporting them in any way we can. Many of our referrals come from their medical clinic and it has always been such a joy and privilege to work with them. You can read their blogs HERE and HERE.

We will probably have a couple of upcoming posts about how you can help a child from RHFH. Right now, I wanted to make sure everyone was aware of the Medika Mamba program. RHFH has started using this for their severly malnourished children, and it is a miracle product! Medika Mamba means "medical peanut butter" in Kreyol. It is a highly fortified peanut butter product, made in Haiti. And it is saving lives. You won't believe the difference it can make in a child in a few short weeks. Go HERE and HERE to see the proof in pictures.

Our friend and missionary, Tara Livesay is running a marathon to raise money for the starving children of Haiti. The funds will go to buy Medika Mamba for these precious children. They are raising $26,000 and are 87% of the way there! Please, if you get a chance, consider donating to this wonderful cause. You can donate on the upper left hand corner of the Livesay blog. This stuff is truly saving lives.