Friday, June 26, 2009

Some small updates:

We know of an organization that is currently looking for a host family in the Houston, TX area. If you have a lead on a host family in that area please contact us and we will put you in touch with the proper people.

We still have cleft bottles. If you are going to Haiti (or another developing country) soon and would be willing to carry over some bottles, please let me know.

We are currently looking for an orthopaedic surgeon willing to consider the case of a young Haitian girl with a diagnosis of distal arthrogryposis, pterygium syndrome, bilateral club feet.

Please pray for this sweet baby boy. He is currently in a Haitian hospital. Our friends at RHFH are working to determine if there is a doctor in Haiti who can treat him. He needs our prayers.


Lisa said...

I see where u posted about cleft bottles I am not going until December but am taking medicine and supplies to the rescue clinic they are in need of bottles! I got a company to send me a box and believe me it was a small box! I live in Tennessee do you know of where I could get more for when I go back in December?