Saturday, February 21, 2009

A little Bear update

We wanted to give a little update on Bear. He is out of the hospital and home.
He is having a hard time with his formula (as he has for awhile now). Bear will see the nutritionist this week to determine if perhaps he needs a non-soy, non-milk protein, amino acid formula- or if if there is something else that we can do for him. He definitely has "colic", poor guy. Bear will also have a neurosurgery followup and visit the developmental doctor this week.
Bear is gaining weight really well. That has been the biggest blessing with all the dietary issues. Bear will have appointments with the urologist and then the orthopedic surgeon in the upcoming weeks. He is looking at many months of additional medical care but is WELL on his way to recovery. We can hardly believe he is 12 weeks old already!
Thanks so much to all our friends in Texas, especially Dr. A., her staff, and the medical team in Austin. You were all wonderful and we wouldn't have been able to help Bear without all your love and support! We will do our best to give monthly updates on Bear and his progress.
He has quite a fan club for a three month old.


Kathy said...

He is adorable--and looks like he's getting chubby. you go baby bear!