Sunday, January 4, 2009


Tomorrow we are hoping and praying that Bear's passport is able to get fixed so that he can go in for his Visa on Tuesday. Can you please pray with us? It would be wonderful if it was fixed tomorrow and then they gave him the actual Visa on Tuesday instead of making him wait. There is a chance that everyone might not be in the passport office who is needed there to fix the passport tomorrow. (They are coming back after vacation and maybe won't all be in until later in the week.)

So truly we need a miracle... and that is going to take a lot of prayer!
Also- Bear's myelomeningocele is getting really thin. Although the three places that were leaking before are healing- there is fear and concern that it could open up completely. Please keep praying for his health and the wisdom of his caregivers. Thank you.

We are still waiting on an update about Saintana and we will post one as soon as we have them.

We have three children who will be returning to their families in a few weeks, what an amazing blessing each of their journey's have been. We will be posting more soon.

And... the great news is that Fedna will be coming to Texas FOR SURE this week. We have coordinated several wonderful volunteers schedules and it is all going to work out beautifully.