Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Britnie and Fedlene By: Host Mom Tanya

Our family has had the great honor of hosting Britnie and Fedlene while they have been here in the US receiving their medical care. They arrived the end of November, right before Thanksgiving, and will be heading back to Haiti next week. They received their surgery after being here only two weeks, and the last of the stitches came out last week, just in time to go home!

Our journey with the girls began when I saw their photos on the MAT blog, and saw that the doctor that had volunteered his care was in our state... I thought the chances were slim that the doctor was actually close to us, but I inquired about hosting the girls, and sure enough, their doctor was only 15 minutes away from us. It seemed like a sign from God that we were supposed to be the ones to care for them while they were here. Unfortunately at that time, we were trying to finish up the adoption of our Haitian son, and didn't feel comfortable working on 3 visas (one for our son, and the medical ones for the girls) at the same time, so we had to pass on hosting them, and my heart was so heavy.

At that time, another family who was adopting from Haiti signed up to host the girls, and they also live near us so I was excited to be able to at least visit the girls while they were here in the US.... well, things such as this rarely go as planned.... time moved on, and the girls still were not ready to come to the US (paperwork wise). In the mean time another family signed up to host the girls, because the first family would be bringing their boys home from Haiti very soon.

Long story shorter... time once again went on, and that family had other things come up that would make them unable to host. We were given the opportunity to get our paperwork together so that we could be the host family.

We were so incredibly excited. We picked up two brave, beautiful little girls from the airport, and within the week started going to appointments to prep them for their surgery. The doctor who provided his care, and his office staff who did all of the scheduling were so sweet, and had everything under control. We just needed to show up when we were told.

The surgeries went off without a hitch, and we were in the hospital about 4 days.... the rest of our time together has been recovering, taking antibiotics to avoid infections, and getting to know these darling little girls. They and their parents have definitely been a living testament to us about what REAL faith, and trust are. Their parents had to trust complete strangers (us!), they had to trust a doctor who they had never met or spoken to, they had to trust that it would be safe to put their daughters on an airplane, and trust that everything would be ok.

The parents were able to receive updates via Real Hope for Haiti, and they were also able to print off pictures to give to the parents as well. While I am sure that has helped ease a little of the worry, I can only imagine how much they miss their girls..... In only 6 days they will be reunited. Our family will be so sad to say goodbye, but we only have to think about how joyful the reunion with their families will be.

We ask that you pray for the girls and their families as they get reacquainted with each other. That their transition from the cold North Carolina winter weather, back to the heat of Haiti won't be too rough on their little bodies, and pray that God will continue to watch over them and their families. We will be praying for safety as they travel as well.

Our hosting experience has been awesome. Since we had just brought our son home from Haiti in July, all of the "parenting" Creole was fresh in our minds.... we have been able to communicate with the girls from the beginning. There have been many times when the girls were telling a story and I could only pick up on bits and pieces of what was being said, but as long as I was being attentive, and smiling and nodding- they didn't seem to care if I really understood or not. The girls have fit right in with our 6 children, and I have taken comfort in knowing that these well rounded little girls come from and will be returning to their loving families. They are smart, funny, silly, cuddly, playful, brave, beautiful little girls, who I know are going to grow up to do big things.

We want to thank the MAT Team here in the US and those other hard workers (Lori from RHFH- and her family) who did all of the initial paperwork and running around. What they do is not considered glamorous on many accounts, but I think it is some of the most precious, "noteworthy" work. I feel like we had the easy job of hosting and caring for the girls, and they did all of the hard stuff!


The Johansen Family said...

Praise the Lord. Thank you for opening your home to these precious girls!