Monday, January 5, 2009

Bear Update

"I want my passport so I can get my visa!!"
No passport today.
Bear's Birth Certificate needed to be fixed and archived- it was actually the cause of the gender on the passport being wrong- as it also said he was a "she". We are hopeful that they will have it done tomorrow and then they will work on getting the passport error fixed.
The good news is that Bear is doing OK. He is fever free, seems comfortable and he is eating well.
His "bump" continues to heal and appears to change some in different spots daily.
This speaks volumes to his strength and the TLC he is receiving.
It is a miracle he is thriving so long. Praise!
So please continue to pray for his health and well being. The wisdom of his caregivers and of course the passport, birth certificate and visa. One more thing that we request prayer for:
The waiting is very hard on not only Bear and everyone involved in planning but for his parents as well. His family lives 10 hours walk away from where Bear is staying and receiving medical care. His Dad has to be present at the visa appointment and will have to walk back for that to happen. Please pray for his parents- for their wisdom and the Lord's guidance in their lives. This is a difficult and trying time for them and may they also feel the blessing of our prayers.
Thank you.


Emily said...

We will certainly pray for Baby Bear's family!