Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Bear update post first surgery

Bear had his first surgery yesterday. They repaired his myelomeningocele (closed his back) and also tapped his ventricles to take a sample of the CSF fluid in his brain. This was sent off for culture to see if its going to grow anything. We are heavily praying that it doesn't grow anything. Bear has a tummy infection and a urine infection already so we are just hoping that the antibiotics do their job and he can be well on his way to healing!
As long as his recovery goes well over the next 48 hours- he will be having surgery again on Thursday for a VP shunt for his hydrocephalus and also repair of the hernia in his groin. For the next three days he is on his tummy and as of right now we are in the ICU.
Surgery yesterday went very well but because of having to get several blood transfusions- we are in the ICU where he can be monitored more closely.
Thank you all for your continued prayers for Baby Bear. He is a very sweet baby and is eating so well- despite being on his belly- it is truly amazing.
We will try to update the blog later today with pictures of his back.


Kathy said...

So much for such a little guy to go through.

TJ said...

Praying for Bear and his caretakers here!