Friday, June 27, 2008

Friday Updates

Baby Di is doing great! She is now 25 lbs and has gained 10 lbs since she arrived in the US. Her wonderful doctor is planning on three more months of follow up care and then Baby Di will return to her family in Haiti.

Miss Lena arrived in the US under 5 lbs and was severely underweight. She is now over 10lbs and will be having her first surgery (cleft lip repair) in about a week. Check back for "after surgery" pictures coming soon! This will be the first of two surgeries for Lena. (She will have a cleft palate repair in a few months.)

Because of your kindness and donations, and a donation of cleft bottles from Mead-Johnson, we have 244 cleft bottles to distribute to clinics and missionaries. If you know somewhere that needs some, feel free to email us. We are working on some "handouts" to explain to parents about how to use the bottles and the care needed for an infant with a cleft lip/palate, then we will start the distribution!
Way to go team!!

Beautiful Martine had pnuemonia and had to spend a couple unexpected nights in the hospital. We are so grateful to her host family for being there with her during this unplanned hospital stay! She is doing much better now and will be having her heart surgery in July.

Jean Alex continues to be "on the mend". Here he is shown with his host dad as well as his local family doctor Dr. Thompson (PHOTO CREDIT: DG from BH). Did you know that as well as securing life saving surgical care for the children we help, we also arrange for a local doctor to donate their services providing well care and immunizations.

And last but not least: Beautiful Helande! Helande came for surgery for an encephalocele last summer. She has been thriving and doing amazing things since she returned to her family last fall. It is such a blessing to recieve and share pictures of children who will always be so near and dear to us!

We have SEVERAL children who are almost ready to travel and several children who we are still trying to secure charity care for. Please pray for all of these children and that we are able to help them.

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Martine is here!

Sweet little Martine arrived in the US last week. She will be having heart surgery in Portland, OR and the lovely Ortiz family in WA is hosting her. We will keep everyone updated on her progress.

You can visit her host families blog HERE.

Monday, June 9, 2008

Some Updates

Jean Alex (from Haiti) is here for encephelocele repair. Alex had surgery at the beginning of May in California. He is back in WA with his host family and is doing great! You can see pictures of Alex at their blog by clicking HERE.

The ever adorable Sonel had surgery recently on his club feet. He is in Indiana staying with a wonderful family and is doing very well. He is just SO CUTE. I love his big contagious smile! You can check out their blog HERE.

We've been referred a new baby girl named Saintana. She is from Haiti (RHFH) and was born with an imperforate anus and a rectovaginal fistula. We have already had a doctor say yes to her care and will be working on getting hospital approval for her soon.

Sweet Schnider (in Ohio for cleft repair) goes in for surgery on his cleft palate soon. He has an appointment with his ENT on Wednesday, and surgery on Thursday. Please pray that his surgery goes well and his recovery time is short and as pain-less as possible!

Clepson, Martine, Britnie and Fedlene should all be ready to come to the US for surgery in the next few months. We are excited to see these children get the care they need and deserve.

As always, thank you so much for your interest and support as we work to help these beautiful children!

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Hungry People

We want to let you all know about a fundraiser that is being held for Real Hope for Haiti.
We love this organization. Lori and Licia are doing wonderful things in Haiti and are saving many lives.
This gorgeous painting is being sold by the artist to raise money for RHFH. Please go here for more information.
Please share this with anyone who might be interested in bidding. Thank you!