Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Urgent - Help for Berlange and Fedna

Dear friends,

We need your help. Berlange and Fedna were referred to us by our friends at RHFH. These precious children were born with Spina Bifida and they both need to come to the United States for surgery.

Fedna is a bit older and has done remarkably well so far- Berlange on the other hand is very tiny and very fragile. He truly needs to come for surgery as soon as possible. He may not survive very long if he doesn't get surgery soon. We have a wonderful hospital and doctor in Texas that is willing to provide medical care for both of these darling children. It takes about $500 per child to get the necessary paperwork together in Haiti that will allow them to come here on a medical visa. That is $1,000 that RHFH just doesn't have right now.
Will you consider helping with this need? If you feel led to donate you can click on the link below - it will direct you to Lori's blog where you can click the DONATE button. She will be processing the paperwork. Just put a note on there that it is for Berlange and Fedna.

PLEASE - spread the word about this need. Post it on your blogs, email your friends, and share with your family. Thank you for all your support as we help these children. PLEASE ALSO SPECIFY THAT THE DONATION IS FOR THE MEDICAL VISA'S FOR THE TWO CHILDREN WITH SPINA BIFIDA!! THANK YOU SO MUCH!!


Emily said...

Do you have a host family?

Sister Haiti said...

Hi Emily,

We are working on the host family situation. If you are in TX and interested in hosting a child, please shoot me an email so we can talk.


Rebekah Hubley said...

I am praying. Sarah... you know how close this hits home!!! These are times that I wish that I was rich... Do you care if I place this link and RHFH link on a Spina Bifida forum that I just joined??? let me know, and I will do it asap!!!