Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Thank you and hosting information

Thank you all so much for your donations to help with "Bear" and Fedna's paperwork. The entire $1000 needed was raised in just a few short days. Both of these children are greatly blessed by your generosity!
We have also had an amazing response for host families for both children. A host family for Fedna has already been arranged, and we are asking those people who have contacted us, or are still wanting to help host Bear (read the criteria below) and then if you "fit"-please contact our host family coordinator and fill out applications:
Kim our host family coordinator can be reached at:
We are always looking for host families and respite care providers. Right now, our current need is for a host family and respite care helpers in the immediate Austin area.
If you live outside of the Austin area- please note that we CAN NOT and WILL NOT change the medical care that has been arranged for any child to accomidate your location. Please don't email and ask us this as much as you want to help. Instead- consider filling out an application for when a child might be coming to the area in which you live. :)
We need host parents who are:
1. Flexible (we typically don't know when children are going to arrive until the time is really close, and we don't often know how long they will be in the hospital, we also have times when children's needs change, or thier health situation deteriorates and requires extra trips to the doctor, or time in the hospital)
2. Ability to stay in the hospital with the host child- this is a REQUIREMENT- not an OPTION
3. For serious medically intensive cases we appreciate folks who have experience in the medical field or working with children who have special medical needs
4. Willing and able to love a child like thier own, and then let them go knowing that it will be very emotionally difficult and that updates on the child might be infrequent at best.
5. Host families need to have a strong, consistent local support system.
If you can't meet theses needs, please only apply to be a respite care provider or consider helping us in another way. We also often need people local to the host family to help provide donations of items for the child, formula, diapers, cost of medicine etc. or ongoing donations for their biological families so that they are set up in the best possible situation for when the child goes home.
There are sometimes children who come who don't need host parents to have medical training ahead of time- but they have to be willing to learn. :)
Thanks so much for your time, understanding and consideration. We appreciate all of you and the amazing folks we have gotten to "meet" in the past few days of searching and planning.
Baby Bear remains in stable condition yet he has been running fevers on and off as well as having other medical concerns despite being on strong antibiotics already. Please PRAY, its essential, his life is very fragile and his caretakers are doing all that they can under not the best of circumstances. Please pray for them as well- they truly need it and need to feel all our love and support.
The Medical Advocacy Team
P.S. For safety and privacy reasons we are not at liberty to disclose the hospital any children are going to, or the doctor's who are treating them. Thanks for your understanding.