Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Can you help?

Typically we have time on our side.
We have time to plan ahead and secure a donated ticket for a child to travel, or time to raise funds to cover the costs of the travel and escort for a child...
However, this time- for these two children- time just isn't on our side.
This is a really tough time of year, and really bad year to be asking for more money. We saw miracles truly happen when we put the word out needing some help for covering the cost of the paperwork and passports for these two beautiful children. And now we are coming and asking for your help again.
We are hoping to be able to have both Bear and Fedna travel from Haiti sometime in the next 10 days. They truly need to leave as soon as they have their Visas. For Bear- you can see the changes in his myelomeningocele (spina bifida). Although he is gaining weight and is stable- he is in a lot of pain. When we first learned about Bear, he was able to move his legs and unfortunately, now he is not able to. (The Spina Bifida does cause paralysis and the longer he waits, the more damage that will be done to his little body.)
He is a fighter though and we are amazed at how he has already come so far- we just want him to have a chance at life. Bear is now 6lbs and 10 oz. The redness around his "bump" is from the "dressing" that covers his bump and keeps it clean. He has been sick to his stomach lately and having his bowels so close to his opening in his back is critically dangerous for his life. So his loving caregivers have to tape a dressing on him to keep the stool away from the "bump". The bump is actually an opening that is in his spine-and if stool gets on his bump- that would travel and infect his spine and brain and could take his life very fast. So his skin is breaking down (red and raw) and very painful from the tape on his fragile little body- but truly its saving his life at this moment.
We want to be really honest with you all who are praying for him that you understand the urgent need to get him here as soon as possible. We realize how upsetting and difficult this email is to read and how hard these pictures are to look at.
Because we are arranging for a special "medical" transport for both children, it would be best if they could come together since they need similar care and are going to the same awesome hospital with the same amazing doctor. If we can only raise money for one of the children, Bear will likely come first since he is more critical, but we would feel terrible leaving Fedna behind, who has waited nearly three years for surgery.
If each person who reads this blog daily were able to give $20 we would have enough funds to cover the cost of travel for both children TODAY. Or if each person would pass along this need to five of their friends and each of you gave $5, we would have enough TODAY to cover the cost of travel for BOTH children.
Please just use the paypal button on the right (for secure credit card or cash donations).... or email us and let us know you are going to mail a donation: medicaladvocacyteam@live.com
Thank you for your consideration and most of all thank you for your continued prayers for both children, their caregivers, and families.


Leslie said...

I did. Praying for these precious children, their families, and all those who love and are caring for them.