Sunday, November 9, 2008

A Couple of Things

- We are STILL looking for help for little Samuel from Ghana. Samuel appears to have severe scoliosis and has hydrocephalus. If you know of any orthopaedic surgeons and/or neurosurgeons who might be interested in looking at his information please let us know. Samuel's situation is very serious - he needs help as soon as possible.

- Evensly is a little boy in Haiti that needs to come to the U.S. and complete medical care for a Wilms Tumor. If you know of any oncologists that are might be willing to consider his information let us know and we can pass on his file.

On a good note:

- Sherlda is doing very well and is out of the hospital and back in her host families home. Yay for Sherlda!

- Britnie and Fedlene have plane tickets and will be coming very, very soon! It has taken a LONG time to get their stuff together (even after we had the hospital and doctor charity care letters) but they are finally coming for the medical care that they need. These kids have been waiting a long time for this! Their host mom has started a blog where you can follow their journey:

More updates soon...