Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Martine's surgery

Please keep Martine in your thoughts and prayers. This morning she is having open heart surgery. The surgery will take place bright and early on the 15th, PST. Martine has five defects of her heart that will be repaired.

Please also keep her loving, wonderful host family in your prayers. Surgery day can be very stressful for the host parents because our host families certainly love the children as if they were their own. Please pray the surgery is a success and that Martine has a speedy recovery, and that her host family knows just how to comfort her. (And also that they can get enough rest- there are some long days sleeping in the hospital ahead for them all.)

We are so grateful to the doctor, his staff, and the wonderful hospital in Portland that came forward for Martine. Because Martine has Down Syndrome there were many calls and attempts to get her help. Often times when a child has a complex disorder and also requires surgery, it can be hard to find charity care for them. So we are especially excited to see Martine on the road to recovery!


penny said...

How wonderful to see little Martine getting the surgery she needs to help ensure she goes on to lead a full and happy life.

Our thoughts are with her family as they face the difficult hours ahead whilst she is in surgery and those critical hours afterwards. We look forward to hearing about her successful recovery in the coming days.

Penny Green
Down's Heart Group

Paige Mann said...

Many prayers for Martine and ALL of her angels!