Thursday, July 31, 2008

End of July Updates

Hi everyone,

Thank you to everyone that referred medical clinics and hospitals to our cleft campaign. The informational flyer that will be distributed with the cleft bottles is being translated and then we will begin shipping the bottles out. We will let everyone know what clinics/hospitals/orphanages will be receiving bottles as we finalize our list.
Here are some children updates:
We have received the referral of another beautiful little girl from Haiti. Eloise is 3 years old and has a heart defect. We will be looking for a surgeon in the US that is able to provide heart surgery for her.

Eloise in Haiti

Britnie and Fedlene, the little girls with ambiguous genitalia from Haiti will be coming to the US very soon. Fedlene has her visa and Britnies will be picked up soon. American Airlines has donated miles for these little girls and Airline Ambassadors will be escorting them NC. Thank you American Airlines!!!! We are excited to see these gorgeous girls get the medical care they need to live full and happy lives.

Sweet little Martine is at home with her host family recovering from her heart surgery. She is doing VERY well, is finally gaining weight, and has everyone wrapped around her little finger!


We have begun to look for medical care for two children from Burkina Faso, West Africa. Jean Marc (below) is one of them. We are hoping a cochlear implant will help him be able to hear.

Clepson has a hospital and doctor and his paperwork has been sent to Haiti. Hopefully we'll hear something about a visa appointment for him soon.

John Terry, Shelda and Saintana all have pending hospital approvals. Please pray that everything comes together for them quickly.

And last but not least, here are new pictures of Schnider (bilateral cleft lip/palate) and Roobens (unilateral cleft lip/palate). They will both be returning home to Haiti in August. Don't they look great?! Thank you Dr. Billmire and Shriners Hospital in Cincinnati for the wonderful job you did!

Roobens, 16 months

Schnider, 13 months


Lori said...

Those are some cute kids! Keep up the great work!!