Friday, April 18, 2008

Updates and a need!

Baby Di: The picture above is of Baby Di dressed in her "Sunday Best" with her Momma getting ready to leave Haiti for the US. She is now safely with her host family and doing great! She had her first visit with her NS last week and is going to have her surgery soon. They scheduled the MRI and surgery for the same time so she only has to be sedated the one time. Thanks so much to the H. family and NS for doing such a wonderful job with Baby Di. We will continue to keep you all updated throughout her stay here in the US.

Alex: Alex's shunt surgery went well. He does have a bit of a cold and was running a fever after surgery. They had expected to discharge him last night but because of the fever, decided to keep in the hospital for a bit longer. His host Mom, Kim, hopes that they will get out soon. He had his last dose of pain meds and tylenol this morning and has been fever free all day long! Praise! So possibly tomorrow they will be out of the hospital. He did have an MRI after the surgery and the VP shunt appears to be working fine. They are culturing his CSF fluid from surgery and so far it hasn't shown any signs of infection. Alex will return to Sacramento soon to have the next part of his surgery. (To close and repair his encephalocele.) Kim reports that the people in Sacramento have been lovely and gracious and so supportive of Jean Alex! Yeah!! Thanks everyone.

Alfrelina: Baby "Lena" (shortened name) is doing well. She left Haiti 12 days ago with Vanessa from Angel Missions Haiti and was dehydrated and not doing well. (Only 5 lbs.) We are very thankful for the wonderful Doctor and Hospital who rushed and were able to get the charity care letters done quickly and for the work of AMH for rushing the visa process. Little Lena just had to come when she did! Since her 12 days with Vanessa she has gained on average 2 ounces PER DAY! That is wonderful news. She is now up to 6lbs 12 oz. She has also gained 1/2 inch in head circumference and 1.5 inches in length. Go Lena Go! We expect that Baby Lena will be able to come out here to WA state sometime in the next week or so. (My family is hosting her, this is "Sarah" writing this.) Lena had a doctor's appointment today for a check up and they report that she is doing great overall considering the circumstances. Lena will need to be 12 lbs before she has the first surgery to repair her cleft lip. Thanks again to everyone for their hard work and effort for Lena and her family.

Martine: Martine in Haiti has been sick. She is on IV meds and getting great care from the people at COTP and the local hospital. Please keep her in your prayers as well as her caregivers. We are hoping she is now on the mend and going to be able to come soon. We are waiting on the final hospital approval from the wonderful people in Portland.

Samuel in Ghana: We have a wonderful doctor and MRI place willing to do diagnostics in TX for Samuel. We are hoping that they are able to get his Ghana paperwork together soon. We are waiting on somethings before we are sure if he will be able to apply for a Visa. Please keep him and the people in Ghana who are working on his behalf in your prayers.

Those are all the updates for now. As you can see we are working on care for many more children right now and sometimes this is just a slow process. I would say that typically things don't come together as fast as they have recently for some of our children, and that is OK. We all know that things WILL come together in due time. If you have any interest in making calls or helping to get medical care organized for our waiting children, please let any of us know. This is a constant very important need.

Another Need!!

We are in need of a Donations Coordinator. We have wonderful people who work on fundraising but we were hoping to have someone else handle "physical" donations. The volunteer job would entail mainly writing letters and making contacts for donations for medical supplies. After the past weeks of hearing how malnourished Alfrelina and other children have been in the past by not having access to the often pricey cleft palate bottles that they need, we realized this is a very important need.

Also if you have a child who is currently using cleft feeders, or other special feeding tools, please hang onto them. We would like to be able to take these donations and supply the ministries, missionaries and NGO's with them not only in Haiti, but also throughout Africa. (So that they are there available when children need them.)

Also we would love donations for other medical supplies and equipment that you may have used and no longer need! :) (I know that I am personally hanging onto my daughter's AFO's to pass along to another child who could use them.)

If you are interested in helping, just email Salem or Sarah.

Have a wonderful weekend.