Friday, April 25, 2008

End of week update

Here is a more recent picture of Alfrelina. She is staying with Salem for a couple days and tomorrow Salem is traveling to bring her out to me. (Sarah) She is eating well and gaining weight. She has a doctor's appointment Monday then we can update everyone on her current weight gain. Go Lena- Eat Eat Eat! We heard from Dr. H and they feel she would be safe for her lip repair at 10lbs, so that is our goal for right now.
Please pray for safe travels for Salem and Co. :)
Martine: We are working on getting all her paperwork together by the 30th so it can be hand carried down to Haiti. So far everyone involved has really stepped up and gotten the paperwork required done quickly, we are so impressed and so grateful with every one's hard work this week in the paperwork department!
Ruth-Nallie: We don't have anything definite for Baby Nallie yet. Please keep her in your prayers and we are hoping to have things together for her soon!
Sonel: Sonel should be traveling soon for his club feet repairs. Yeah!
Surgeries coming up: Roubens, Schnider, and Baby Di are all having surgery soon. Please keep them in your thoughts and prayers.
Jean-Alex: His 2nd surgery is next week! He is doing well right now healing from his last surgery. Prayers. :)
Samuel: After much searching we have found that Samuel can get at least some further diagnostic evaluations in Ghana. We are awaiting prices for this to happen and hope to help so that he can financially afford to have this done in country. We will keep you all updated on how things come together for him.
Other children: We have several children who are being considered right now and are close to finding care, and several others that we are waiting on more information about. We are hoping to have these things soon so we can work on getting them the help that they need.
Medical Donations Coordinators:
We have had two wonderful women volunteer to help with medical donations! Yeah!!!
Thanks so much for stepping up and lending a hand!
We hope that you all have a wonderful weekend and thanks for checking in with us.