Friday, April 18, 2008

Amazing Helande

About this time last year we (the MAT team) was making plans for two babies to come to the US for Neurosurgery. We were welcomed with open arms by a loving doctor "A" and her staff/hospital in Austin Texas in early May 2007. Not only had they agreed to provide the charity care for Helande, but also a 2nd child AT THE SAME TIME! Amazing.
Helande had an occipital encephaloce, similar to baby Diuenettes. These are the pictures of her before, and after. (This week in Haiti with her family, she is looking so divine and doing so well.)

It is such an awesome blessing to be able to keep in touch with the families and children that we help. It gives us all a great source of inspiration and motivation for all the waiting children.
Here is a short video documentary of both Helande and Christella and the journey they took last year: