Tuesday, March 11, 2008

This and That

Hello Friends!

Our t-shirts are selling really well...we're all very excited about this. I think we've almost hit the point where we've paid off the shirts and now we can actually start raising some money. Yay!

We've had several people ask about international orders. From this point on I think we're going to have to charge a little bit more for the shirts if we're going to ship them internationally, I hate to do, but I don't see any other way. So we're going to ask for an additional $5 for all international orders from this point on. Hope that doesn't make anyone too mad! :)

We have found a hospital and doctor to repair little Dieunette's encephalocele. Everyone is still tying up a few loose ends with the proposed host family, getting the visa, etc. and then we hope to get her here for surgery!

We're still working on options for Samuel in Ghana and Gabriel in Guinea-Bissau. We have a strong lead on doctor for little Samuel, so we're all praying that the hospital will agree to provide him with charity care and he can get the care he needs soon.

We're still working on Gabriel. We have been in contact with an organization in Liberia that has a prosthetics program/clinic there. From what we've learned, the problem with bringing him to the United States for prosthetics is that as he grows, he will need new arms every year. This would be a lot of work and a lot of money to try to get him here every year - and I don't even know if we could find someone here willing to care for him indefinitely. So we're looking into some charities closer to Guinea-Bissau - unfortunately, I don't think there are any IN that country, but the neighboring countries may hold some options. He will still need his leg corrected by an orthopedic surgeon - so we will be looking into that soon as well.

We have echocardiograms for several of our kids with heart conditions out to a couple of doctors. Hopefully some of them will come through soon.

And last, but most certainly not least, I thought I would share a new picture of my gorgeous host baby, Schnider. Schnider is here from Haiti on a medical visa to have his bilateral cleft lip and palate corrected. He has his lip repair in November and will have his palate repair in May/June. Isn't he just the cutest?! The amazing Dr. B. did a wonderful job on his lip/nose. People are shocked when they see the before and after pictures of this handsome little guy!


Cyndy said...

Burkina does have a prosthetic clinic and it isn't too far away in American terms. However in African terms, it can be almost impossible. I think you need to start with Handicapped International. Google them and begin in English then they will refer you to other language speakers in Europe who are connected with the country. Our sponsored daughter ended up with a worker from Spain in on a internship I think. We only used Handicapped International to get connected. The clinic is independent. I know navigating these countries isn't easy, but don't give up just yet.