Wednesday, March 19, 2008

T-shirts and more!

Here is an adorable picture of Helande and her Mom just last month in Haiti. Helande is doing great. She came for encephalocele (occipital) to Texas last summer. What a sweetie, and what an amazing family she has!

We have had five new children referred to us in the past couple days. We will be adding their information soon on the right hand side of the blog page.

We are still seeking host families, and will be ongoing. Kim, our host family coordinator, who is also hosting Alex, is on her way to Haiti right now with her husband Jeremiah. Please pray that Alex and Sonel (who is going to Indiana for club feet surgery), are able to get their Visa's next week. They will be leaving to come to the US shortly after that. Please also keep Kim and Jeremiah in your thoughts and prayers for safe travels.

Below is a list of the t-shirts that we have left for the fundraiser. Thank you everyone for your orders. Let's get the rest of these sold! Please pass on the blog link to all your friends and family. We are also not sure if we should order more, so try to help us by drumming up some more interest, let's get the word out now. :) Thanks so much! The M.A.T. Team

XS - 5

S - 5

M - 3

L - 3

S - 8

M - 8

L - 4

XL - 1

XX - 1


Ericka said...

I can't believe that is 'my' little Helande!!!!
She looks SO great!!!
I miss her and pray/think of her all the time!!!!!