Monday, March 3, 2008

Operation Smile

Some of you may remember from my (Salem's) personal blog that we've been working to get surgery for some adults in Haiti with cleft lips and palates. One of these adults is my host sons (Schnider's) father. Last year we got in contact with Operation Smile and an exploratory team was sent to Haiti to evaluate the situation and decide whether they should send a full mission there. The exploratory team said they would be able to do some surgeris on a few adults. We sent some people over (one of them Schnider's father) but only one of our people were able to get surgery.
Long story short - Operation Smile is BACK in Haiti this week and they have a full team there. We have been in contact with them and the hospital there (Partners in Health) and will be sending a group of people over for surgery. We hope and pray that all of our people will be able to get surgery, but know that the group has limited time and they will have many more people there than they can provide surgery for. Above is a picture of the group that Lori (Real Hope for Haiti) sent over - the guy on the far right is Schnider's dad. I really hope he is able to get his lip corrected. He told us how he was never allowed to go to school and was constantly tormented because of his deformity. What a difference this will make in the lives of each of these people. I'm so excited! I will update everyone as I can. Lori said she'll try to send me after pictures when the surgeries are done. Pray it all goes well!