Thursday, March 27, 2008

Mid week updates

Meet Alfrelina! A precious 11 week old from Haiti. While we are so grateful for Operation Smile and the Smile Train serving Haiti, they are unable to provide surgery for infants under 10 months. We have a couple of doctors reviewing baby Alfrelina's case and hope to have charity care arranged for her cleft and lip repair soon. She is currently being fed with a syringe and it would be best for her to get surgery soon so she can truly thrive! Thanks for keeping Alfrelina in your prayers. We will be looking for a sponsor church or families to help with fundraising for her travel, if you have any interest in helping, email us!

Please continue to keep Martine in your prayers. She is doing well and has amazing people caring for her in Haiti. We have a terrific doctor willing to provide life saving heart care for Martine. We are still waiting on word if the hospital will accept her case for charity care. We are hoping in the next few weeks to have everything arranged for her to get her Visa. Thanks for thinking of darling baby Martine.

Baby Dieunette (or Baby Di as we like to call her), had her Visa applied for yesterday and we are still waiting on news. Angel Missions Haiti will give us an update soon. Her wonderful host family from Omaha was able to meet Baby Di and her mother while they were in Haiti last week. What a blessing for her Mom that she was able to put a name and face to the people who will care for her sweet baby Di while she is in the states. Baby Di will be going to Omaha soon for an occipital encephlocele repair. We are so thankful for the great neurosurgeon who has donated his time, and the hospital who came forward to help baby Di! Thank you!!!

Please continue to pray for sweet Ruth Nallie. We have had some additional places/doctors interested in reviewing Nallie's case this week. She has a wonderful family and caretakers that are praying for her and hoping she can come to the US within the next couple weeks for life saving heart care. Please keep praying! We appreciate it so much!

Please continue to pray for Samuel in Ghana. The wonderful people in Ghana were able to take Samuel for a CT scan which was very helpful. We have a few people working on arranging care for him but still have yet to get a commitment from a hospital. We are hopeful that things will come together for Samuel soon and he will be able to get the life changing surgeries that he needs to correct his spine and back. Thanks for remembering to think of Samuel. Also if you have any interest in donating airmiles (on Delta) for his travel, please contact us! Thanks!