Saturday, March 8, 2008

Buy a Shirt!

Update May 14, 2008: We are almost out of t-shirts! We will be posting a list of what we have left soon, but in the meantime please email us before ordering to make sure we have the size you want. Thank you for your support!!!!

Order An Adult Shirt
Comes in Small, Medium, Large and XL

Order a Kids Shirt:
XS (2-4)
S (6-8)
M (10-12)
L (14-16)


Colleen said...

I would LOVE to order a bunch! Paypal is not allowing me to specify the size, however. Any suggestions?


Anonymous said...

Random question...It looks like the graphic of the shirts says "Men apil...". Is that just a typo, and is the real graphic like the one on the side of the blog?

Sister Haiti said...

Good Question!
It looks like a typo. The shirts will say "Men Anpil" just like the button. Thanks for pointing that out!

Salem :)

Anonymous said...

I want to order some too but I need to know how to order diffeent sizes. It says "coming soon". When will they be ready?

Sister Haiti said...


When you click Buy Now and proceed to paypal there will be a spot to type in what sizes you want. Just click the adult button for adult sizes, and kid button for kid sizes because they are different prices.

We expect the shirts to arrive in around 10 days and will start getting them shipped out then.

THANKS for your interest! :)

Roger said...

I would love to buy one of your shirts, but I would like to have the graphics on the back. Any possibilities??

Roger said...

I would like to buy a shirt, but can the graphics be put on the back?