Saturday, February 9, 2008

What We Do

The Medical Advocacy Team (MAT) is a program of Remember International, Inc. The Remember International MAT is currently working in several countries in Africa and the Caribbean, with plans to expand to other countries.
The MAT supports participating in-country medical clinics that provide impoverished children with low-cost or free medical intervention. There are times, however, in which children’s medical needs are greater than can be provided by clinics or hospitals in their home countries, and they are referred to us. When we receive the referral of a child in need of help, the MAT will first determine if the child can be treated in their home country. If in-country treatment is available, we assist with fundraising for their care and treatment.

If medical care is not possible in their home country, the wheels are set in motion to arrange for treatment in the United States. First we locate doctors and a hospital willing to contribute care on a pro-bono basis, as well as a host family to foster the child. Next, we coordinate with volunteers in-country to arrange for the child’s medical visa to the U.S.

As required by U.S. law, all children that come to the United States on medical visas are returned to their home countries when their medical care is complete.

Our primary goal in providing this program is to find care and ease suffering for medically fragile children. Our secondary goal is family preservation. In most impoverished countries, sick and disabled children are much more likely to be abandoned or relinquished for adoption by their families. We hope to provide opportunities for as many children as possible to receive medical care and support that enables them to stay with their birth families.