Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Please pray for Gilbert and Martine!

Gilbert has care lined up in TX with the fantastic Dr. A. and her team. Over the past few days Gilbert has taken a turn for the worse and is not doing well at all. Please remember to pray for Gilbert over the next few days. His paperwork is almost complete but he needs to be stable enough to travel before he can go in for his visa and travel date. Please also pray for his caregivers as they work round the clock caring for him and determining to the best way to treat his illness. We have everything lined up for his care, host family, travel escort etc. And we just need little Gilbert to hang on a little bit longer. Thanks for praying!!

We are also looking for care for sweet Martine. Please keep her in your prayers. We have had a lot of closed doors over the past week but the "team" is staying steadfast and filled with hope that we are going to find her right doctor and hospital for charity care soon.

Thanks for praying!
The M.A.T. Team