Friday, February 15, 2008

A hospital for Gilbert and more...

Hi everyone,

Last week we got word that there was a baby boy in Haiti named Gilbert that was born with spina bifida. The orphanage told us his myelomeningocele (the "sac" on this back) had a small hole in it, but not much fluid was leaking out. He did have a fever, so of course everyone was concerned about meningitis. His fever is currently down, but he was (and still is) in very fragile health. We got started looking for a doctor and hospital for him right away. That very next day we got a reply from Dr. A in Texas that she would do Gilbert's surgery! For those of you who didn't follow Helande and Christella's journey - this is the same doctor and hospital that provided surgery for two baby girls we brought here for surgery in May 2007. We are so very grateful to Dr. A and to the administration at the hospital for giving this sweet boy a chance at life.

We are now waiting on little Gilbert's passport and a bit more information on him, so that we can get rolling on the paperwork. We hope he can get to Texas, and get surgery, very quickly.

I realized that I forgot to tell you all about the child we're hoping to help in Nigeria. I've been in contact with an organization called Africa Christian Medical Missions (click on the name to visit their website). ACMMI told us about a little girl in Nigeria in need of some reconstructive surgery on her feet. She was burned, but the details of her accident we don't yet know. Someone from ACCMI is in Nigeria this week and should be getting us more information on this little girl. We hope we can find someone to correct her feet, so she can walk properly and live a normal life.

On a different note - we have found a wonderful friend who will be helping us design and sell t-shirts as a fundraiser! Please watch the blog for more information on that in the coming weeks.

I will be posting soon about a new opportunity for your church or other group to get involved in helping these precious children. I will try and get a post up regarding that, this evening.

Take care, and thanks for checking in with us! :-)